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The Academy was formed with the sole aim of representing the interests of the global supply chain industry across the world. The Academy covers all aspects of operations and supply chain management from purchasing to manufacturing, logistics to general management.

The idea is to promote exceptionally high standards and offer the highest quality, industry focused competency based educational services to the industry worldwide particularly developing countries where the practice of supply chain is still struggling.

Due to the growing globalization and interdependency of world economies, international business and logistics knowledge is becoming increasingly important in the business world. Given the rapid expansion of world trade and investment, the outlook for graduates who have internationally oriented training in business is very bright.

The Global Trade Magazine reported that logistics is “is moving at breakneck speed into new competitive environment and information technologies.” Consequently, it’s emerging from the backroom to the boardroom and from the shop floor to the offices of senior management. Moreover, those working in the field anticipate better salaries, more job choices, and if this is their goal, career paths leading to executive positions becomes crucial.

Global education is the wave of the futureOne out of every four new jobs created in the developed countries is tied to logistics. More than 2 million new career opportunities have emerged as a result of international commerce in recent years – a trend that continues to prevail. Entry-level opportunities include very attractive salaries. Rewarding career opportunities await those students who acquire a solid business logistics education with a global perspective including fluency in foreign languages.

Our Vision

“To become the tipping point for the expansion of supply chain knowledge across the globe with a lot of emphasis on the developing countries.”

Our Mision

“The Academy promotes and delivers exceptionally high standards in industry focused educational programmes and certifications in Operations, Logistics & supply chain management worldwide. We Support excellence in supply chain operations in response to the ever changing needs of the industry.”